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El invierno esta llegando

Pasé 6 horas angustiosas tomando mi Introducción Evaluación. Tres días después descubrí que todo el trabajo duro, el estrés y la concentración habían valido la pena, ya que había pasado y era oficialmente profesora de yoga Iyengar.

You get by with a help from your friends

I’ve had loads of support. My husband has had to step into the bedtime breach two evenings a week, as I head out the door to teach my evening classes. He never complains, in fact, he makes a point of asking how the lesson went when
I come home and root about for a snack.

The little group of ‘guinea pigs’ that I taught during my training have stuck with me through thick and thin. They
committed wholeheartedly to being my loyal test students, and then, when I passed, insisted that the class carry on, with the difference being that they now paid me. They’ve been my students for nearly three years now, and I truly feel that we evolve together.

Grateful for the Good Bits

It’s easy to focus on the negative. But, as Mr Iyengar says: “Cultivate the positive, abjure the negative.” I’ve also had teaching successes and some really excellent good bits.
I’ve arrived on time to every lesson I’ve had to teach this year, bar one.  I’ve successfully started a new class, which now has a steady core of students.

I’ve taken a student up into headstand for the first time. I’ve seen my students progress and improve, both physically and mentally. I’ve got to the end of the class and felt the peace and stillness in the room during savasana, and been deeply grateful.

Cualquier profesor de yoga te dirá que sabes cuándo has dado una buena clase. Existe una sensación de intensa satisfacción y realización, compartida entre usted y sus alumnos. Los ha trabajado duro y ellos mismos han trabajado duro en el trato.

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